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The partners at Ward and King Attorneys and Counselors at Law have been serving the Greater Salt Lake area for more than 38 years, and are well regarded by their peers and judges, and courts they work with. David Ward, Scott King and their associates are known for being fair and compassionate yet firm in representing the interests of their clients and it shows in their high win rate.

Ward and King serve clients needing help with matters regarding civil, family, corporate, real estate, and accident and injury cases. They are Utah’s only law firm specializing in cyclist related accidents, and have been instrumental in providing the growing community of cyclists a legal voice.


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Located in the heart of the Salt Lake Valley, we’re readily available. Do you have a quick question? Submit your quick question here, and we’ll get back with you by the next business day with an answer, or request to make an appointment, depending the complexity of the situation. Please recognize most questions can’t be answered with a black and white answer. Answers often vary by circumstance(s).